Saturday, February 18, 2012

Let me introduce myself....

'Arwight! Hello! G'day! 

(I can only speak English, American and Australian therefore I have no further salutations to add to my  'Greetings of the World' repetoire.)

My name is Jackie and I am a married mum of one who recently discovered the Wii and I LOVE it! Like most other new mums I was attracted to the Nintendo Wii because of the Wii Fit; my baby weight needed some help in shifting and I thought the Wii Fit would help motivate me to exercise at home.

Needless to say it worked, but ONLY because I persevered. No way am I svelte but I am two stone lighter and I attribute a lot of that down to the Wii Fit. This has left me with an addiction of another kind... playing on the Wii.   I thought at 32 I would be 'too old' to get into such things but it's great fun and I now consider myself a genuine girl gamer.  ;)

I play a lot of Brain Training too which helps with exercising the grey matter; in this case, helping to keep it grey and active, and not allowing it to blacken and rot - I desperately need all my brain cells. Baby brain is real I tells ya!

Anyhow, I thought I would write about my current favourite hobby and if I come across any interesting news, games or accessories. I will share them with you.

Bye for now.  Jackie. x

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